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Top-9 Sales Enablement Tools for B2B in 2022

Endless meetings, one-to-ones, notes, follow-up emails, Salesforce fields to fill out, and 1000 to-dos for this week… Sounds relatable?


A job of a salesperson consists of dozens of small and big-sized tasks that, if performed manually, can easily steal your entire work day.


That’s why in order to promote the efficiency of the sales process and boost your productivity, you need a whole arsenal of sales automation tools that will remove part of your workload.


Plus, when carried out manually, a lot of processes are prone to include errors due to human factors. Automation eliminates this problem too.


Why is sales automation important?


Now, we can give you tons of other important reasons for implementing sales automation for your sales teams. But do you know what speaks better than words? Numbers and stats, of course.


Here are four main stats that will tell you everything you need to know about the importance of sales automation.


  1. 61% of businesses leveraging automation reported exceeding revenue targets in 2020. (HubSpot)
  2. "Top firms are much more likely (26.2% vs. 16.6%) to establish a mature marketing and sales automation strategy. (Hinge Research)
  3. Sales and marketing automation platforms can increase sales productivity by 14.5% and lower marketing overhead by 12%. (Marketsplash)

  4.  Automated emails can increase open rates by 70% and have a 152% higher CTR. (Marketsplash)

The list of the best sales enabling tools in 2022


As a salesperson, you’ve probably used a handful of tools and worked with CRM before. But if you’re somehow not completely satisfied with the results or user-friendliness of your chosen sales automation software, or you suspect that there’s more to sales automation than what you currently know and use, then we are happy to present you with a foolproof sales automation toolkit.


Here you’ll find 9 sales tools that you can use separately or all together to:


✅ improve conversion rates

✅ attract inbound leads

✅ streamline your email automation

✅ improve email open rates

✅ create accurate sales forecasts

✅ make personalised videos for customers

✅ and just be better and more efficient at sales.


Let’s go!


1. Salesforce


We start with the most obvious choice - CRM software.


Although there is a whole bunch of great and efficient customer relationship management (CRM) tools out there, in this article, we’re highlighting Salesforce as one of the best options on the market.


What is Salesforce?


Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management tool that helps small to large-sized businesses grow revenue, automate tasks, and streamline decision-making processes.


💼 Salesforce business use:


- Sales Opportunity Management.

- Account & Contact Management.

- Lead Management.

- Pipeline & Forecast Management.

- Workflow Rules & Automation.

- Customizable Reports & Dashboards.


🖥📱It comes both in the desktop version and in the form of the mobile application.


💰Price starts at $25/month. It currently includes 4 plans:


Sales and customer service tools in one app – $25/month/user

Complete sales solution for any size team – $75/month/user

Deeply customizable sales CRM for your business – $150/month/user

Unlimited CRM power and support – $300/month/user


💡Promising review: “Salesforce Cloud keeps all important information in one place. Contracts, opportunities, communication, contacts, and support tickets can all be found easily and managed accordingly.” (source: G2)


2. Hubspot Sales Hub


Hubspot in another CRM for sales reps and sales leaders that allows you to handle your client profiles throughout the sales cycle. You can use it instead of Salesforce, but some experience shows that it has some additional functionalities that are beneficial for both sales and digital marketing, which means you can use it together with Salesforce.


What is Hubspot Sales Hub?


Sales Hub is built on the HubSpot CRM platform, where you can manage customer data, tools, and teams. Additionally, when using the full CRM platform, Hubspot functionalities allow you to utilize both sales and marketing automation tools to streamline many repetitive tasks and accelerate the sales process.


💼 Hubspot business use:


- Sales reps can get richer insights into their sales process.

- Create an environment for warmer leads.

- Align enablement materials to help them operate at maximum efficiency.

- Tap into an expandable ecosystem of app and solutions partners and craft an exceptional end-to-end customer experience.


🖥 It comes in the desktop version.


💰Price: includes free plan and 3 additional plans:


Sales Hub starter - $50/2 users/month

Sales Hub professional - $500/5 users/month

Sales Hub Enterprise - $1200/10 users/month


💡Promising review: "HubSpot also offers highly detailed tutorials and exercises that make navigating the platform a breeze. There are so many different ways to run campaigns via HubSpot and its integrations. HubSpot shines for organizations with a relatively small-mid size total addressable market, but can also scale to fit a large TAM." (source: G2)


3. Dripify Lead Conversions


Our tool of choice #2 is a lead conversion platform that also allows sales reps and marketing specialists to create custom campaigns on LinkedIn.

We choose Dripify because it has an intuitive interface, it’s easy to use and understand and you don’t need any prior LinkedIn automation experience to utilize this tool to the fullest.


What is Dripify?


Dripify is a sales and marketing automation tool that allows you to generate leads for your business using LinkedIn. 


💼 Dripify business use:


– allows you to create custom prospecting campaigns with personalized emails and messages.

– access sales and marketing campaigns' analytics and metrics

– respond to leads via inbox

– export leads into CSV

– collaborate on multiple campaigns with team members

– it runs on complete autopilot 

– automates repetitive tasks and streamlines the sales process.


🖥 It comes in the desktop version.


💰Price starts at $59/month. It currently includes 3 plans:

Basic – $59/month.

Pro – $79/month

Advanced – $99/month


💡Promising review: "It is a brilliant tool. You can customize every step of the process and build your own pipeline of stages for each automation and drip campaign. It is really simple and straightforward to use and build with some great, short videos in case you get stuck or are unsure. They have pre-built campaigns or you can start from scratch so it is tailored to your needs." (Source: G2)


4. Aircall


The next item on our list is Aircall. This sales tool is perfect for cold calls and allows you to connect with clients all over the globe in a matter of seconds. 


What is Aircall?


Aircall is a cloud-based phone system and a means for convenient client calls. 


💼 Aircall business use:

- sales reps can easily add numbers from 100+ countries.

- scale their teams according to seasonality.

- sales teams can gain deep insights into their sales process through real-time analytics.

- integrates seamlessly with the most popular CRM.


🖥📱It comes both in the desktop version and in the form of the mobile application.


💰Price starts at $30/user/month. It currently includes 3 plans:

Essential – $30/user/month.

Professional – $50/user/month.

Custom – n/a, contact for details.


💡Promising review: "Both the program and the app work very. Call quality is always good and the ability to assign calls and add notes helps when working remotely or in a busy office environment." (Source: G2)


5. Cognism


Next on our list is Cognism, a platform that helps you easily find the contacts of potential customers. It's pretty straightforward and has a wide range of useful functionalities. 


What is Cognism?


Cognism is a sales automation tool that allows businesses to connect with their dream prospects by providing them with all the necessary contact information. It's known for good quality and compliance standards.


💼 Cognism business use:


- provides you with company, event, filmographic, technographic information, intent data, business emails, and more. 

- has the next level GDPR & CCPA compliance.

- allows you to create a predictable pipeline, find the next opportunity and overcome compliance barriers.

- integrates seamlessly with the most popular CRM.


🖥 It comes in the desktop version.


💰Price is not specified. Contact for details. 


💡Promising review: "Cognism allows me to find contact details about potential prospects. I have used multiple systems in the past and Cognism comes out on top always with accuracy of data and amount of data." (Source: G2)


6. Lusha


Lusha is a sales tool that is similar to Cognism in many ways. However, a lot of sales professionals use these two tools simultaneously to improve the quality of contacts. Where one tool experiences some constraints, the other picks up and delivers.   


What is Lusha?


Lusha is a sales automation tool that helps B2B companies establish a fast and reliable connection with their leads, contacts, and candidates.


💼 Lusha business use:


- provides you with a wide range of business contact details.

- allows you to enrich and verify business profiles.


🖥 It comes in the desktop version.


💰Price: Has a free version, and 3 plans:


Professional - 39/user/month.

Premium - 59/user/month.

Enterprise - n/a. Contact for details.


💡Promising user review: "The most helpful feature is the extension used by lusha, which do not restrict the user to get data from LinkedIn also from various web sources. Also Prospect search is one of the most powerful feature of Lusha." (Source: G2)


7. Tolstoy


Now that you have tools to collect contact information, aggregate client data, automate manual tasks, send out automated emails, and create lead-generation campaigns, you need a tool that will help you build rapport with your clients in a more profound way. 


What is Tolstoy?


Tolstoy is a simple,  interactive, and easy-to-use video platform that you can use for communicating with your prospect in a new engaging way. 


💼 Tolstoy business use:


- Increases lead conversion rates and boosts revenue.

- Allows you to have face-to-face conversations with your customers.

- Integrates with your existing tools in a few clicks.

- Increases sales by up to 20% and a conversion rate up to 5%.

- includes: welcome video bubble, video quiz, shoppable video, video chatbot, lead qualification funnels, interactive prospecting options.


🖥 It comes in the desktop version.


💰Price: not specified. Contact for details.


💡Promising user review: "Tolstoy is such a great app! UI/UX is really good, easy to use and make/ship videos quickly. Creating different custom pathways and templating them is easy too." (source: G2)


8. Contractbook


Another tool that you would most definitely enjoy using is Contractbook. This tool is created to simplify work with contracts for various businesses. And as a salesperson, you will find this platform extra useful. 


What is Contractbook?


Contractbook is a contract management software that empowers modern businesses to turn manual processes into fully automated workflows. This means you can work effortlessly with contracts across the entire customer journey.


💼  Contractbook's business use:


Contractbook allows you to use contract data and automate and tailor manual processes for:

- Sales teams

- HR teams

- Legal departments

- Operations

- Compliance, etc


🖥 It comes in the desktop version.


💰Price: starts at $395


💡Promising review: "I've used Contractbook in several companies of different sizes and industries and it's been my favorite tool to handle e-signature and contracts for years. The user experience is very good." (source: G2)


9. Unique


And our favorite editorial choice is Unique. Unique has many functionalities that allow you to automate routine sales tasks and accelerate the sales process together with the sales cycle. Unique leverages AI to streamline all your sales activities and gather valuable data that can be used to analyse your pipeline. With the help of Unique, you can also facilitate coaching, learning, and sales revenue forecasting. 


What is Unique?


Unique is a sales intelligence tool that records, transcribes and analyses your calls in real-time. It also leverages CRM automation to transfer your data safely to any customer relationship management platform. Unique is easily integrated with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meets, and Aircall to assist you while you're on a call. 


💼 Unique business use:


- CRM integration and automation significantly decreases your workload and streamlines your sales workflow when it comes to filling in your CRM.

- provides you with coaching rooms for easy onboarding and business growth.

- intelligent agenda helps all your sales reps follow a smart checklist on a call and mention all the right things.

- Unique's AI recognizes special topics during the conversation to provide you with useful foolproof tips.

- Unique Deal Score helps sales managers and reps create predictable sales forecasts and build transparency between sales leaders and reps. 

- You can mark key moments during each conversation to easily rewatch them later. 



🖥 It comes in the desktop version and downloadable app.


💰Price: for detailed pricing, contact the Unique team.


💡Promising reviews:

Contact our team to get more information about Unique's capabilities!


In conclusion...


There is a plethora of sales and marketing automation solutions out there, and all of them serve one purpose: make salespeople's lives easier.


We've created this list of hand-picked sales tools to help you better manage your workflow and accelerate your sales processes. All of them can be used together or you can pick the ones you like the most and enjoy automation wonders.


Written by

Hanna Karbowski