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Pictet x Unique: Case Study


In December 2023, Pictet and Unique announced a pioneering launch of a GPT-powered platform. This rollout enabled over 5,000 Pictet employees to experience the power of One.Chat, a platform co-developed together with Pictet that allows easy access to internal information.

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"We conducted a survey among the workforce at the end of last year. Around 400 employees took part. The result: over half of those who took part said they were able to save one to one and a half hours of working time per week thanks to One.Chat. If you extrapolate that to the number of users, you get a big productivity gain. - Handelszeitung


Steve Blanchet | Head of Pictet Group Technology, Strategy & Innovation

Case Study


Information retrieval: Employees dedicate considerable time to sourcing relevant information from directives, the intranet, helpdesk resources, HR documentation, and similar sources. 


Summarisation & Translation: Additionally, they invest effort in condensing documents into summaries, translating and composing emails.


Workspaces: To enhance efficiency, they seek to establish multiple workspaces for distinct data segregation.

Solutions with One.Chat

Information retrieval: One.Chat can identify relevant documents based on the question asked and retrieve specific answers from it. 


Translation and draft generation: Users can translate any information in multiple languages and draft emails. 


Coding: Employees can use GPT’s coding functions for software development.


Summarisation: The AI tool can easily summarize whole or parts of documents in the knowledge base.


Workspaces: One.Chat segregates the information into groups (e.g., wealth planning, legal, etc), which facilitates access to specific information for teams.

The platform does in minutes what previously took employees hours to do. - NZZ

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Steve Blanchet | Head of Pictet Group Technology, Strategy & Innovation

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Pictet x Unique Success Story

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Watch Pictet make history in the Swiss banking industry by launching the first internal, GPT-powered platform to over 5,000 employees. The groundbreaking technology is co-developed with Unique and leverages the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services.

How our Co-Development with Pictet works

We evaluate use cases with the highest potential with our FSI clients and enable them to develop on our platform via API, SDK or open source like collaboration.

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Technologies we use

We use a combination of RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), prompt chaining and prompt-to-sql. Put simply, this means that we adapt existing large language models, such as ChatGPT, for instance, for the database of a corporate customer. When a bank employee enquires about a bank customer, for example, the system then checks where the data for the answer is located, which data is relevant for answering the question and also whether the employee making the enquiry is authorised to access the data at all.

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Security we provide

Data protection is important for banks. To ensure this is maintained, the Pictet solution runs on Microsoft servers in Switzerland, which host Pictet's data. In a more general sense, Unique offers different deployment models. Depending on the clients setup it can be a deployment on the customers Microsoft Azure tenant in Switzerland or we also offer deployment on premise.

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Steve Blanchet

Head of Group Technology Strategy & Innovation

“Together with Unique, we’ve introduced One.Chat, a Generative AI platform that allows fast and tailored access to vast amounts of internal information and data for all our employees. This has already allowed us to reduce administrative work, speed up existing processes, improve IT support, and we are working next on increasing the effectiveness of our teams working with clients. We’ve also put in place a GPT solution that enables staff to use that technology safely in the workplace.”

Pictet Group

Catrin Hinkel

CEO Microsoft Switzerland

“The Zurich-based company Unique, which develops a product called Finance-GPT, has just announced the go-live with its customer Pictet Group. This means that 5,000 Pictet employees can use Unique's AI platform and thus have easy access to all internal information. This example from the banking world shows that AI can easily be used even in a highly regulated environment.” - said Catrin Hinkel, CEO Microsoft Switzerland in an interview to NZZ





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