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Unique FinanceGPT


Unique uses large, pretrained AI models like GPT-3 to unlock the power of data. 


Enhance client experience and data quality, automate routine tasks, align processes, and access your internal documents in a matter of seconds with Unique FinanceGPT!


Unique Chat


Unique allows you to upload and access your internal documents, presentations, manuals, client conversations at any time using a ChatGPT-like interface. It enables client advisors to ask questions about any embedded data and receive a quick response within seconds. This has a potential to help with a variety of tasks: preparation for client meetings and onboarding, quick search across company knowledge base, etc.

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CRM Automation & Data-Driven Insights 



Real-time Insights


The Unique Bot joins your calls automatically and triggers the start of the call recording. At the same time, the Unique Sidebar displays relevant call analytics, signals, checklist, transcript, and key moments. 

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Post-Recording Insights


After the meeting has been recorded, all the crucial conversational data gets automatically transferred into your CRM and you get access to another set of important insights powered by the state-of the-art GPT technologies inside the Unique app. 

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Coaching And Upskilling For Employees 


You can save the calls that you consider of great learning value in Coaching rooms. There, you can easily share your knowledge and learn from others.

Coaching rooms also add to a faster sales onboarding. New hires experience a much more efficient onboarding process by watching training videos without sales leaders’ supervision.

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