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Unique: A Client Intelligence Platform


Unique uses large, pretrained AI models like GPT-3 to unlock the power of client data. 


Enhance client experience and data quality, automate routine tasks, align processes, and improve lead management with Unique!

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CRM Automation & Data-Driven Insights 



Real-time Insights


The Unique Bot joins your calls automatically and triggers the start of the call recording. At the same time, the Unique Sidebar displays relevant call analytics, signals, checklist, transcript, and key moments. 

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Unique lets you create custom checklists that you can use as agendas to follow on a call. The system detects the words mentioned during a call, and crosses corresponding items off the checklist.

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Key Moments


With Unique, you can mark key moments during every call. These moments then appear in the recording to help you jump to key sections of the conversation faster.




The transcript of a conversation appears in the sidebar and recognizes the speech on the go. Later, you can translate the transcript and share with your multi-lingual team.


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Signals pop up in your sidebar as the reaction to key phrases, words, or competitor mentions to coach you on the most optimal ways to proceed with the conversation.


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Post-Recording Insights


After the meeting has been recorded, all the crucial conversational data gets automatically transferred into your CRM and you get access to another set of important insights powered by the state-of the-art GPT technologies inside the Unique app. 

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Call Summary
Call Summary


Powered by AI, Unique transforms all the data collected during a call into a digestible summary, recapping only the most essential moments of the conversation. The summary also appears in your CRM and automates the note-taking process.



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Running on the latest GPT technologies, Unique offers you to chat with your call recoding! Input any prompt like "outline the main pain points mentioned in the conversations" and get a comprehensive, detailed summary report.

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Smart to-dos remind you about crucial moments in the call like the next steps or important questions for the buyer. By tracking your to-dos and completing them on time, you accelerate the sales cycle and improve your deals' health.


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Spider Diagram


The Spider Diagram gives an overview of what was discussed across all conversations. It helps  spot relevant expressions mentioned during a call to later send targeted offers to the client and track new upsell and cross-sell opportunities.



Unique leverages AI to detect various topics during your call. Whether you’re talking about competitors, pain points, or insurance needs, Unique will  note it all down, and create an overview of topics for you to better prepare for the next meetings. 



Deals & Cockpit


The Deals tab gives you access to your call recordings that you can share with stakeholders. Additionally, in the Cockpit, you’ll find an overview of all deals in the pipeline and relevant deal metrics: deal size, stage, forecast category, Q score, interactions, last touch, and close date.


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Extract insights from every conversation thanks to Unique’s perspective intelligence. Unique analyzes your calls and surfaces such insights as sentiments, monologues, customer speaking time, and customer views. 


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Coaching And Upskilling For Employees 


You can save the calls that you consider of great learning value in Coaching rooms. There, you can easily share your knowledge and learn from others.

Coaching rooms also add to a faster sales onboarding. New hires experience a much more efficient onboarding process by watching training videos without sales leaders’ supervision.

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Reliable Revenue Forecasts


Unique is here to make sure your revenue forecast comes in.

The Unique Q Score helps you monitor the health of each deal and transaction you have in your pipeline. It will show you whether the deal is likely to close by the due date; or, as a customizable option, Unique will calculate the probability of the account to churn. 

The Unique Q Score highlights the most important deal metrics for a specific stage in your sales cycle. With its help, you can make your revenue forecasts more reliable, remove roadblocks on the way, spot red flags, and save deals before it’s too late.

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For Teams

Unique helps you focus on what really matters and gives you insights into how to improve customer interactions. The Unique sales platform leverages AI to record and analyze sales conversations in over 12 languages, which adds to better decision-making and team collaboration and helps build long-lasting customer partnerships.

For Leaders

Unique automates your entire sales process. It helps sales leaders monitor deal health for every opportunity in the pipeline and buid more reliable revenue forecasts. It surfaces deal roadblocks, adding to educated, data-driven solutions. Also, Unique significantly reduces the time needed to train salespeople, which leads to improved team performance.

For Clients

Unique captures key moments in every call that are securely stored in a “Deal Room,” one place that buyers can refer back to and share for a more transparent, seamless buying experience. Unique helps salespeople build better relationships with customers, and deliver great results by implementing data-driven solutions.