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Trust at Unique


Earning our customers' trust is key to us. That's why we have implemented and keep on developing technical and organizational measures to protect your data and ensure secure processing of information. 

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Unique Meets the Highest Compliance Standards

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Enterprise Security Standards


☑️ Unique is a Microsoft partner and all data is stored on Microsoft Azure Cloud hosted in Switzerland.

☑️ Our servers are located within Unique’s own private cloud, and we manage our APIs carefully to not allow any untrusted external connections.

☑️ Our ISMS is managed by a former SAP team making sure our software is updated regularly with the latest security patches.


☑️ Open.AI access is secured via Microsoft Switzerland (or Europe) and opt-out option for training purpose and prompt checking is available. 


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Compliance Standards


☑️ We have officially received ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification, which regulate business quality, security and risks.


☑️ We are on the way to SOC 2 compliance which demonstrates our commitment to data security and privacy, builds trust with our customers, and meets regulatory requirements.


☑️ Your data is safe with Unique, because we are committed to ensuring up-to-date compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

☑️ Unique’s GDPR-compliant process flow guarantees consent from all meeting attendees.




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Data Security


☑️ Any data and connections with Unique are secure using the latest encryption standards.

☑️ Data access and authorizations are managed on a need-to-know basisand we apply the principle of least privilege.

☑️ Recordings, transcripts, and analytics are encrypted in transit and at rest.


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