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About Us

Unique is on a mission to build a visionary Unique FinanceGPT Platform for the digital age using Azure OpenAI Service's GPT model. It opens possibilities to go beyond and reach a new level of precision and productivity thanks to the power of GenAI. Gain more time for more clients.



Our VISION is to be the easiest and most inspiring way for finance teams to effectively collaborate with their clients in the era of GPT.

Our Mission

Together with leading financial institutions, we are co-developing a specific FinanceGPT *Co-Pilot* that combines innovation, responsibility, and security.

Our platform enables to securely implement and manage new GPT use cases with workspaces. This significantly accelerates digital transformation and improves client experience.



The Founders

Manuel Grenacher (CEO) and Andreas Hauri (CTO) met during their Computer Science studies in Switzerland and launched the SaaS company Coresystems, a leading AI based Field Service Management Cloud (acquired by SAP), and the Customer Service Marketplace Mila (acquired by Swisscom). In summer 2021, the two serial entrepreneurs did it again and founded Unique. Together with a fast-growing team in Zurich and Berlin they supercharge finance teams with Unique FinanceGPT to ultimately help them gain more time for more clients.  

Founders of Unique Manuel Grenacher and Andreas Hauri

The two Swiss serial entrepreneurs
did it again.