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The Team

Our fast-growing diverse and multidisciplinary team in Zurich and Berlin consists of unique people, united by the common goal to reinvent the Financial Industry in the era of GenAI.

  • Lea-Bachmann-neu Lea-Bachmann

    Lea Bachmann

  • Irina Barbos

    Irina Barbos

  • andre barry

    André Barry

  • Jared Beekhuyzen

    Jared Beekhuyzen

  • Sandro Camastral

    Sandro Camastral

  • Chloe Constantini

    Chloé Constantini

  • Danshi Dashi


  • Michael Dreher

    Michael Dreher

  • Edi


  • Salva

    Salvatore Gargiulo

  • serghei

    Serghei Goineanu

  • Manuel-Grenacher Manuel-Grenacher

    Manuel Grenacher

  • Monika-Grenacher Monika-Grenacher

    Monika Grenacher

  • Adrian Gugger-1

    Adrian Gugger

  • Andreas-Hauri-1 Andreas-Hauri-1

    Andreas Hauri

  • Cornelia Hauri

    Cornelia Hauri

  • Pascal-Hauri-neu Pascal Hauri

    Pascal Hauri

  • Martin_Heibel

    Martin Heibel

  • Michelle Heppler 2 (1)

    Michelle Heppler

  • Tom Hobbs

    Tom Hobbs

  • Abimbola Idowu Abimbola-Idowu

    Abimbola Idowu

  • Albert Iselin

    Albert Iselin

  • Jérémy Isnard Jérémy Isnard

    Jérémy Isnard

  • Yannick_Kaser

    Yannick Käser

  • Hanna_Karbowski

    Hanna Karbowski

  • Evrim Kayaci Evrim-Kayaci

    Evrim Kayaci

  • Thea Kitzinger Thea-Kitzinger

    Thea Kitzinger

  • Constantin Krauss

    Konstantin Krauss

  • Donatella_Mancini 5dd602abc2e470e7b9ae

    Donatella Mancini

  • Dominik Meyer

    Dominik Meyer

  • Charlotte Rudigier Charlotte Rudigier

    Charlotte Rudigier

  • Jovana_Sanussi

    Jovana Sanussi

  • Sadique

    Sadique Sheik

  • Fabian Schläpfer

    Fabian Schläpfer

  • Sereina Schuler

    Sereina Schuler

  • Simona Tomasi

    Simona Tomasi

  • Andreas-Vogelsang-neu Andreas-Voegeli

    Andi Voegeli

  • Sina Wulfmeyer

    Sina Wulfmeyer

  • larissa zutter

    Larissa Zutter