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Unique FinanceGPT is a tailored solution for the financial industry  that aims to increase productivity by automating manual workload through AI and ChatGPT solutions. 

Less admin. More client time. 

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"We chose Unique for its enterprise-ready, compliant solution that addresses multiple GPT use cases and allows us to quickly accelerate the adoption of this new technology within our organization. The co-development strategy ensures that our needs are met quickly and positions us at the forefront of the industry." - Simon Gomez, Head Innovation Management at LGT Private Banking

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Before Unique

70% of agent's working time is dedicated to administrative tasks instead of client-facing activities

With Unique​

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The Unique Chat


The Unique Chat utilizes cutting-edge language models to securely retrieve information from any uploaded documents or internal company directives. Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art technology, the platform ensures a safe and efficient experience for users.


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CRM Integration


Our platform will generate a summary after every client call/consultation and automatically transfer the data into your CRM. Focus on your clients and cut out manual documentation, saving 2h 20m per week (10 minutes per client call).



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Improved Lead Management


Unique detects topics mentioned in a client conversation with the help of the Spider Diagram. It helps advisors and sales reps spot relevant expressions mentioned by clients to later send them targeted offers and track new upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


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Unique's Integrations





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Customer Testimonials

David Haynal

Investment Manager

"Unique is very well positioned to help us with a number of key challenges we have, and the entire financial industry has."

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Olivier Laplace


"One thing that will be interesting in the long-term is to review the videos and improve the way we talk and do presentations."

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