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Unique's AI-powered sales platform records and analyzes your customer conversations in real-time to generate useful insights that will help you win more deals and build reliable revenue forecasts.​​

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Before Unique

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Only 1% of your conversational data reaches your CRM, making it hard to predict which client is about to slip away.

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Relationship managers often don’t have the capacity to fill out ALL the forms that are needed to stay compliant and report to the management.

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It’s hard to follow a standardized process without a clear agenda and make predictions about the outcome of a meeting.

With Unique​


CRM Integration

No more manual CRM updates. No more taking notes during client meetings. Unique’s got you covered. All the information mentioned will be safely transferred to and stored in your CRM. You can easily retrieve this information at any given moment.


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Intelligent Meeting Agenda


Unique’s AI-powered side panel allows you to create a custom meeting agenda with clients and follow it on a call. Additionally, whenever the key topic pops up, Unique recognizes it, giving you a hint on what to act on next.


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Real-Time Insights


Always be in the loop about key transaction metrics and closing dates, thanks to Unique’s sophisticated Real-Time Insights! With Unique, the next steps are always clear and set at the end of a meeting. We will help you detect key opportunities during client conversations and follow up on them to make sure clients don’t churn away.


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Customer Testimonials

Banking & Insurance

Unique is very well positioned to help us with a number of key challenges we have, and the entire financial industry has.


David Haynal
Investment Manager

Sturdza Finanical Group

Unique helps us a lot. When a team member misses an important call, they can watch it afterwards and switch to the key moments. One thing that will be interesting in the long-term is to review the videos and improve the way we talk and do presentations.


Olivier Laplace


VI Partners

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