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Wealth Management & Private Banking

Unique FinanceGPT is a tailored solution for the financial industry  that aims to increase productivity by automating manual workload through AI and ChatGPT solutions. 


Less admin. More client time. 

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"We chose Unique for its enterprise-ready, compliant solution that addresses multiple GPT use cases and allows us to quickly accelerate the adoption of this new technology within our organization. The co-development strategy ensures that our needs are met quickly and positions us at the forefront of the industry." - Simon Gomez, Head Innovation Management at LGT Private Banking

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Before Unique

70% of a client advisor’s working time is dedicated to administrative tasks instead of client-facing activities

With Unique​

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Client Insights


Begin by reviewing and summarizing client insights from previous communications in the Unique Chat: call recordings, portfolio & CRM info, etc.

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Proposal Ideation


Next, engage in proposal ideation and let the platform generate a list of personalized recommendations based on the client's interests, needs and internal know-how.

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Compliance Check


No need to consult 10+ internal directives. Find out if there are any legal restrictions concerning your proposal with just a few keystrokes.

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Proposal Generation


Now everything is ready for you to generate your proposal. Our Unique FinanceGPT will draft a personalized proposal email or presentation for you in any language.

Customer Testimonials

David Haynal

Investment Manager

"Unique is very well positioned to help us with a number of key challenges we have, and the entire financial industry has."

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Christian Janson

Head of COO Office, Pictet

“At Pictet, we're always looking for innovative solutions to improve our clients' experience. We've had the opportunity to conduct a proof of concept with Unique's GPT-powered solution, and we're impressed by its ability to streamline our operations through automated reports generated after client conversations. This can significantly reduce administrative work, freeing up our client advisors to spend more time with their clients. Unique’s platform has the potential to revolutionize the way financial advisors and relationship managers interact with their clients, making it easier to provide personalized advice and recommendations in a secure and compliant way."


Simon Gomez

Head Innovation Management at LGT Private Banking

“LGT as a global private bank is committed to provide our clientele a personalized and tailor-made service. Together with Unique’s ChatPGT-powered solution we are evaluating promising use cases to reduce administrative work and consequently enable relationship managers to spend more time with their clients. These use cases include automation of CRM entries, support information gathering, writing meeting summaries and much more.”


Olivier Laplace


"One thing that will be interesting in the long-term is to review the videos and improve the way we talk and do presentations."

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