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RFP Support Assistant

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UI - RFP Assistant


Helps to complete RFP documents based on other similar RFPs by suggesting suitable answers to RFP questions. Examples of tasks include:

  1. Suggesting answers to RFP questions.

  2. Creating a proposal based on RFP questionnaire.

  3. Completing the RFP questionnaire with the correct answers and exporting them in Excel and/or Word formats.

  4. Updating RFP templates with recent information.

Case Study

Traditional Workflow:

A banker usually begins by thoroughly reviewing the Request for Proposal (RFP), analyzing the client's requirements and objectives. They then assemble a dedicated team, including specialists from various departments such as wealth management, investment advisory, and risk management. Next, they meticulously craft a tailored proposal, highlighting the bank's unique value proposition and how it aligns with the client's needs. This proposal undergoes rigorous internal review to ensure accuracy, compliance, and strategic alignment.

Workflow with Unique FinanceGPT:

Unique FinanceGPT streamlines RFP responses, inputting client requirements and objectives. GenAI leverages vast data and algorithms to swiftly generate a tailored proposal, optimizing for accuracy and relevance. The banker refines the AI-generated proposal, adding personal insights and expertise. They review the proposal for compliance and strategic alignment, ensuring a cohesive presentation.


The Unique FinanceGPT RFP Assistant saves a half day of work on every RFP.


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