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Supercharge Your Team With Unique FinanceGPT


Unique FinanceGPT is a tailored solution for the financial industry  that aims to increase productivity by automating manual workload through AI and ChatGPT solutions. 


Less admin. More client time. 

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Supercharge your Workflow with Unique FinanceGPT


We’ve created an enterprise-ready end-to-end solution, capable of supporting you every step of the way: from ideation to implementation. Everything you need is just one prompt away!

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Client Insights


Begin by reviewing and summarizing client insights from previous communications in the Unique Chat: call recordings, portfolio & CRM info, etc.

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Proposal Ideation


Next, engage in proposal ideation and let the platform generate a list of personalized recommendations based on the client's interests, needs and internal know-how.

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Compliance Check


No need to consult 10+ internal directives. Find out if there are any legal restrictions concerning your proposal with just a few keystrokes.

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Proposal Generation


Now everything is ready for you to generate your proposal. Our Unique FinanceGPT will draft a personalized proposal email or presentation for you in any language.

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Customer Testimonials

Steve Blanchet

Head of Tech & Innovation at Pictet Group

“We’d like to thank [Unique] for working really hard. We’re talking 4 to 5 months between the first discussions to the launch [of a GPT-Platform] to the entire bank. More than 5k employees. More than 3k have tried it. Weekly, more than 1.2k users. And this number is growing."

Banking & Finance
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Claudia Erni

Head of Sales Management

"The Unique platform helps us reduce time by automating administrative work after client meetings. The fact that we can simply copy and paste the transcript into our CRM is convenient. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that we can gather and then utilize customer insights from in-person client conversations. These insights help us to better structure meetings and tailor our offerings to meet our clients’ needs"


Lars Mangelsdorf

Co-Founder & CSO

"Unique's AI insights help us to keep the onboarding quality high and makes sure that we hit the quota."

FinTech & Technology
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Tanja Koch


“ It’s super helpful to give our salespeople a platform where they can watch call videos without us being actively present."

FinTech & Technology
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Lara Engelien

Head of Customer Success

"I found the solution super easy to use and the insights delivered are very powerful. This helps increase our efficiency and deliverables in conversations as well as outstanding customer service. Can only recommend."

FinTech & Technology

Florian Lussi


“With Unique's Q-Score we see which deals are stuck, not properly updated and need management attention."

FinTech & Technology
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Mathlas Brenner


“ Thanks to Unique, our CRM is updated automatically. Our team has now more time to focus on value-adding conversations with our customers."

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FinTech & Technology
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Will Hale

CEO at Key Group

“[Unique’s] technology is really impressive and something that we certainly couldn’t have developed internally. We’ve already seen some pretty spectacular results. And given the number of calls we are handling each day; those improvements can make a massive difference to our bottom line.”

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Wealth Management
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Simon Gomez

Head Innovation Management at LGT Private Banking

"LGT as a global private bank is committed to provide our clientele a personalized and tailor-made service. Together with Unique’s ChatGPT-powered solution we are evaluating promising use cases to reduce administrative work and consequently enable relationship managers to spend more time with their clients. These use cases include automation of CRM entries, support information gathering, writing meeting summaries and much more."

Banking & Finance

David Haynal

Investment Manager

"Unique is very well positioned to help us with a number of key challenges we have, and the entire financial industry has."

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Banking & Finance
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Jonas Wälti


“Unique gives us very precise data, so we can understand better which deals will come or not."

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Olivier Laplace


“Unique helps us a lot. When a team member misses an important call, they can watch it afterwards and switch to the key moments. One thing that will be interesting in the long-term is to review the videos and improve the way we talk and do presentations."

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Banking & Finance

Clemens Hagg

Sales Enablement Manager

"I am blown away at the quality of transcripts and especially, because it strikes me as much harder to capture, the call summaries."

FinTech & Technology




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