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Directives Assistant

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UI - Directives


Helps comply with all specific rules, procedures, and regulations associated to any specific transaction. Examples of tasks include: 

  1. Guiding employees on adhering to internal procedures.

  2. Highlighting regulatory changes relevant to transactions.

  3. Verifying transaction details against compliance guidelines.

Case Study

Traditional Workflow:

Employees search and manage directives by accessing detailed manuals, online databases, and memos. This process is time-consuming and complicated due to the volume of regulations, frequent updates, and the need for cross-referencing multiple sources. Ensuring all employees are aware of and understand the latest directives adds to the complexity. Maintaining compliance requires continuous monitoring and coordination across various departments, making it a rigorous task.

Workflow with Unique FinanceGPT:

Unique FinanceGPT streamlines directive management by providing instant access to updated policies and procedures. Unique FinanceGPT reduces the time spent searching and cross-referencing by offering quick, accurate answers and references and ensuring consistent understanding of directives across the organization. 


By managing compliance monitoring, the Unique Directives Assistant significantly enhances efficiency and accuracy, saving employees in client facing roles up to 2 hours per week.


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