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CRM Automation Assistant

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Updates fields in CRM after any client conversation (phone, video, in-person) based on what has been discussed and agreed on. Examples of tasks include: 

  1. Updating contact details based on recent interactions.

  2. Logging client meeting notes into the CRM.

  3. Updating sales opportunity stages after calls.

  4. Recording follow-up tasks after client conversations.

  5. Syncing email communication into the CRM system.

Case Study

Traditional Workflow:

After a customer meeting, the CRM is updated manually by recording detailed notes, updating contact information, logging interactions, and scheduling follow-up tasks. This ensures accurate records but also needs a lot of time and attention often not invested, so CRM updates remain incomplete.

Workflow with Unique FinanceGPT:

Unique FinanceGPT automatically fills in CRM fields by analyzing the content of communication channels such as emails and meeting transcripts, extracting relevant information such as contact details, meeting notes, action items, and key discussion points, and populating the corresponding fields in the CRM system.


Time needed for CRM updates and management is reduced by 90%.


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