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Private ChatGPT Assistant

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Private ChatGPT - UI Q&A


Provides employees with a secure version of ChatGPT to support individual research and daily tasks like: 

  1. Translating text between multiple languages for clear communication across teams.

  2. Assisting in composing emails, ensuring clarity and professionalism in internal and external communications.

  3. Providing creative suggestions and brainstorming support for projects and tasks.

  4. Reviewing documents for grammatical errors and suggesting stylistic improvements.

Case Study

Traditional Workflow:

In most companies today, traditional research methods and human expertise are relied upon to analyze data, make decisions, and address customer inquiries. Access to information is limited to databases, manuals, and internal documents, often requiring extensive time and effort to locate and synthesize relevant data.

Workflow with Unique FinanceGPT:

With Unique FinanceGPT, knowledge worker leverage ChatGPT's capabilities to swiftly analyze data, provide instant insights, and offer personalized assistance to customers. With ChatGPT, accessing and synthesizing information becomes seamless, empowering workers to make faster and more informed decisions.


Time saved amounts to 1 hour per week on average for every employee.


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