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Research Assistant

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Analyzes and extracts external research sources, including summarization of consensus views, etc. Examples of tasks include: 

  1. Summarizing consensus views from research reports.

  2. Compiling research summaries for internal use.

  3. Identifying key insights from external research sources.

Case Study

Traditional Workflow:

Relationship managers curate diverse external research sources, identifying consensus views and contrasting perspectives. They distill key insights, assessing credibility and relevance, then tailor recommendations to client needs. Continuous monitoring ensures timely updates aligning with market dynamics. This process requires adept synthesis of quantitative data and qualitative analysis, culminating in actionable strategies for clients.

Workflow with Unique FinanceGPT:

With Unique FinanceGPT, the process becomes more streamlined and efficient. The assistant can rapidly sift through vast amounts of data, identifying relevant insights and consensus views with greater speed and accuracy. It can analyze diverse perspectives, providing nuanced understanding beyond human capacity. Summarization becomes automated, with the assistant generating concise, customized reports for each client. Additionally, Unique’s research assistant continuously learns and adapts, ensuring recommendations remain up-to-date and aligned with evolving market conditions, enhancing the overall research and decision-making capabilities of the private banker.


Unique’s research assistant can save up to a full day per week of manual research time.


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