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Consultation Protocol Assistant

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UI - Consultation Protocol


Generates standardized protocols documenting content and results of client consultations. Examples of tasks include:

  1. Drafting standardized consultation protocols.

  2. Summarizing client consultation outcomes.

  3. Compiling consultation results into structured formats.

  4. Updating protocols with new consultation techniques.

Case Study

Traditional Workflow:

In a traditional setup, the relationship manager manually compiles a consultation report by documenting the client's financial situation, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. They detail the advice given, including the products recommended and their potential risks. The client’s decisions and the rationale behind these choices are recorded.

Workflow with Unique FinanceGPT:

Using Unique FinanceGPT, the employee inputs the client’s financial details and goals or simply connects meeting recordings (audio files). The assistant generates a compliant consultation report, outlining tailored advice and recommended products with their associated risks. It documents the client's decisions and the reasoning behind them. Reports are linked to the client information system automatically.


The Consultation Protocol Assistant enhances efficiency and accuracy in consultation protocol generation and saves up to 2 hours per case.


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