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Swiss Banks Deploy AI: Insights From Handelszeitung

Unique's AI solution, Finance GPT, has been featured in an article by Handelszeitung, highlighting our transformative impact in the banking sector.


Our collaboration with Swiss banks, especially Pictet, showcases how Finance GPT and One.Chat, an internal name for the chatbot co-developed together with Pictet, are redefining banking operations.


Not only does One.Chat  enhances efficiency but it also prioritizes security. Its advanced encryption and privacy protocols ensure that all communications and operations are secure, setting a new standard in AI-driven banking solutions. 


Additionally, the Pictet solution runs on Microsoft servers in Switzerland, which host Pictet's data. "The main application consists of a chatbot that helps our employees to utilise the knowledge on our intranet," says Steve Blanchet, Head of Technology at Pictet in an interview to Handelszeitung. The chatbot helps, for example, to formulate drafts for memos, text elements for presentations or e-mails. Secondly, Pictet employees also have access to the chat GPT functionalities via One.Chat, which also run on the Swiss Microsoft servers in a secure environment [extract from the article].


The Handelszeitung article reflects the broader industry recognition of Unique's AI solutions. Pictet's workforce survey, revealing significant time savings, is a testament to the tangible benefits of Unique technology. The survey was conducted at the end of last year. Around 400 employees took part. Over half of those who took part said they were able to save one to one and a half hours of working time per week thanks to One.Chat. "If you extrapolate that to the number of users, you get a big productivity gain," says Steve Blanchet.


Written by

Hanna Karbowski