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How Financial Service Providers Stay Compliant With Unique

One major problem a lot of sales reps and relationship managers face in their day-to-day work is incomplete notes taken during client conversations. 


Many of them still create client portfolios the old-fashioned way, utilizing traditional tools and services that fail to provide the much-needed efficiency. 


This results in an inability to adequately update CRM systems, create a robust use case, and address customer issues properly.


In the financial industry, this problem is especially acute. 


Government regulations in many European countries (e.g.: MIFID in the EU, FIDLEG in Switzerland, etc.) state that financial service providers must follow specific guidelines when it comes to proper client conversations documentation and keeping records of all the information collected about the client: be it personal data, financial services agreed on, or the grounds for investment advice. 


On top of that, upon the client’s request, relationship managers must extract and compile needed records within a fairly short period of time.


With this in mind, correct, timely, and complete documentation of client conversations must be among the most important tasks on a financial advisor’s daily agenda. So what could facilitate and streamline the process effectively and in real-time? The answer is automation software. 


The Value of Automation Software 


In the era of service automation, the market is full of innovative and versatile solutions that help organizations stay competitive in a fast-paced business development environment.


For the past couple of years, such technology as sales intelligence and CRM automation tools have become especially valuable for service providers across various industries as they help them enhance day-to-day efficiency and directly impact the company’s bottom line. 


Now, when you’re an RM, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate: starting from the compliance issues that are usually closely monitored by compliance officers, and finishing with your direct duties like closing deals with clients and always anticipating their needs in order to bring value and tangible results.


Therefore, robust automation software can increase the quality of services provided and financial advisers can focus on improving the sales process. 


“Keeping comprehensive and traceable records of conversations with potential investors in our funds is a key obligation under Fidleg.”  – says Christoph Bieri, Partner (Operations) at VI Partners, a Swiss venture capital firm. – “Using Unique’s platform will make this much more efficient to be compliant. Unique will also help us to further improve our pitches by taking advantage of Unique’s analysis features.”


Unique - a Simple Solution for Documenting Client Conversations


For improved sales processes and better performance, use Unique’s Sales Intelligence Software
to record, transcribe, and do a deep analysis of your customer conversations.


After you record the call with Unique, it creates a summary of the conversation based on key moments and updates your CRM system automatically. The app then creates a shared virtual “deal room”, where both buyer and seller can continue to exchange thoughts and opinions. 


Thanks to this solution, you don’t have any extensive follow-up work to do, and there's no need to take notes and input all the data manually. Meanwhile, you still stay compliant with government laws and regulations since all the client conversations are documented and stored in the CRM. Whenever you need to have quick access to these files, all the data is practically at your fingertips. 


Unique is committed to ensuring up-to-date compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Its GDPR-compliant process flow guarantees consent from all meeting attendees.


Additionally, we are on the way to be ISO 27001 certified by early 2023.
Unique engagea with a third-party auditor (KPMG) to ensure the security of our platform and supporting infrastructure.


All things considered, Unique can become your timely, accurate, and helpful solution when it comes to simplifying and automating routine (and, to be honest, boring) tasks. 


Stay compliant and unique!

Written by

Hanna Karbowski