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Unique: Pioneering Generative AI​


We are the leading company in Generative AI in Switzerland with successful business focusing on banking and insurance.


Enhance client experience and data quality, automate routine tasks, align processes, and improve lead management with Unique!

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Our Unique Selling Points


Unique AI


  • Automated transcription & summary of customer conversations​
  • Real-time assistance during consultations​
  • Identification of cross- & upselling opportunities​
  • Automated data collection in CRM ​
  • >40 customers have access to prompting* through GPT

* Prompting:  Process in AI models to provide users with a specific response to user requests or inputs using predefined algorithms and data​

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  • Innovative spirit, agility & speed of adaption​
  • 50 experts in the field of Generative AI​
  • Customer oriented mindset & customer proximity​
  • GDPR compliant (ISO 27001 & 9001)​
  • Access to the OpenAI API in Europe (GPT)​
  • CHF 15 million investment​
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  • ​Extensive know-how in focus markets (banking & insurance)​
  • Network of well-known customers​
  • Microsoft Co-Selling Partnership​
  • OpenAI partnership (first mover in Switzerland)​
  • ETH AI Center Collaboration​
  • Strong partner ecosystem​
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