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Real-Life Unique FinanceGPT Use Cases 


We compiled a list of real-life use cases we documented based on our clients' experience. Get a glimpse of Unique FinanceGPT in action and find a solution that fits your challenge.  



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Unique FinanceGPT Use Cases With Examples



1. Searching for information in internal sources & directives

Ex. 1: Searching internal data for quick access to information | Live
Agents need a lot of time to find a respective solution for their clients while in the call. The necessary information is spread throughout their tools and it takes too long to find it. With the help of signals, Unique FinanceGPT can show information instantly during the call.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.39.18
Ex. 2: Preparing for onboarding a new client
A relationship manager needs to prepare a comprehensive plan to onboard a new client depending on the type of a client and their specific needs. With Unique FinanceGPT, they can access all internal data within seconds and prepare a custom onboarding plan within minutes.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.39.08
Ex. 3: Organizing data
Relationship managers  have to manage a large database containing information about their clients, which is often disorganized, affecting the quality of the data, and therefore the use of this data.  With Unique, the RM can easily find any information in the internal documents to prepare for calls or draw up a presenattion.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.39.31-1
Ex. 4: Extracting information to draft a proposal
Client advisors can benefit from FinanceGPT in many ways: from extracting information about client preferences and needs before the call, to ideating and subsequently drafting a personalised proposal for them.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.52.51


2. Keeping CRM up to date

Ex. 1: Documenting client calls
After every meeting and contact with a customer, consultants have to document everything in their CRM. That takes between 5-15 min. of their time. Unique FinanceGPT creates meeting reports that can be sent directly to the CRM after the meeting, and reduces the time spent on admin tasks to up to 3 min.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.35.06
Ex. 2: Populating stock cards (LGT)
In a transaction call, a client communicates how many shares they want to buy, at what price and when. Unique FinanceGPT can automate documentation as well as follow-up emails with our reports and create stock cards that can be sent directly to CRM, containing all the information about the transaction. 
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.35.18
Ex. 3: Documenting in-person calls
Instead of recording the conversation or writing a call summary into the CRM, the advisor opens the Unique mobile app, dictates what they have been talking about with the client. This transcript is then used to write a concise summary that is sent to the advisor through email and put into the CRM.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.47.53


3. Improving Employee Training

Ex. 1: Improving communication
Unique’s Signals help to identify the call structure, the wording used, and what words/conversations should better be incorporated into the script to lead to more successful calls. This means that RMs and client advisors get better training from the day one and constant assistance on the call with a client. 
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.39.40
Ex. 2: Increasing quality of trainings
A bank has to record security calls due to regulatory reasons. Those calls have to be reviewed and checked. With Unique, and its recording and summary functions as well as "key moments", this review can be performed much faster. Additionally, employees always have access to the most successful calls featuring best practices. 
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.52.51


4. Staying Compliant

Keeping records of client conversations
As regulations in the financial industry get stricter each year, it becomes paramount for banks and insurances to keep comprehensive and traceable records of conversations with clients and investors. With Unique, you can record and safely store all the conversations and documentation.
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.52.28


5. Upselling + cross-selling

Upselling based on personal circumstances
The client calls the call center in order to know the value on their bank account. They also mention that they are getting married soon. Unique’s live sidebar send a signal to speak about different products married couples usually can benefit from and make an upsell possible for the call center agent.
Highly-personalised sales pitch

By matching client data with product portfolios, agents can:

 - Better prepare their client meetings, 
 - Be more reactive during their client’s meetings to provide instant and precise information. 
 - Win time sending auto-generated & highly personalised follow-up emails after their client’s meeting. 

Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 08.34.39

Unique FinanceGPT Impact

Sans titre 32

View of the client portfolio

Sans titre 34

More time for client-facing activities

Sans titre 35
Faster task completion 
Sans titre 36

Increase in conversion rates

Sans titre 38

More revenue per client due to increased client-centricity

Customer Testimonials

Christian Janson

Head of COO Office, Pictet

“At Pictet, we're always looking for innovative solutions to improve our clients' experience. We've had the opportunity to conduct a proof of concept with Unique's GPT-powered solution, and we're impressed by its ability to streamline our operations through automated reports generated after client conversations. This can significantly reduce administrative work, freeing up our client advisors to spend more time with their clients. Unique’s platform has the potential to revolutionize the way financial advisors and relationship managers interact with their clients, making it easier to provide personalized advice and recommendations in a secure and compliant way."

Banking & Finance

David Haynal

Investment Manager

"Unique is very well positioned to help us with a number of key challenges we have, and the entire financial industry has."

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Banking & Finance
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Lars Mangelsdorf

Co-Founder & CSO

"Unique's AI insights help us to keep the onboarding quality high and makes sure that we hit the quota."

FinTech & Technology
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Tanja Koch


“ It’s super helpful to give our salespeople a platform where they can watch call videos without us being actively present."

FinTech & Technology
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Lara Engelien

Head of Customer Success

"I found the solution super easy to use and the insights delivered are very powerful. This helps increase our efficiency and deliverables in conversations as well as outstanding customer service. Can only recommend."

FinTech & Technology

Jonas Wälti


“Unique gives us very precise data, so we can understand better which deals will come or not."

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Simon Gomez

Head Innvoation Management at LGT Private Banking

"LGT as a global private bank is committed to provide our clientele a personalized and tailor-made service. Together with Unique’s ChatGPT-powered solution we are evaluating promising use cases to reduce administrative work and consequently enable relationship managers to spend more time with their clients. These use cases include automation of CRM entries, support information gathering, writing meeting summaries and much more."

Banking & Finance

Olivier Laplace


“Unique helps us a lot. When a team member misses an important call, they can watch it afterwards and switch to the key moments. One thing that will be interesting in the long-term is to review the videos and improve the way we talk and do presentations."

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Banking & Finance

Florian Lussi


“With Unique's Q-Score we see which deals are stuck, not properly updated and need management attention."

FinTech & Technology
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Mathlas Brenner


“ Thanks to Unique, our CRM is updated automatically. Our team has now more time to focus on value-adding conversations with our customers."

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FinTech & Technology
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Clemens Hagg

Sales Enablement Manager

"I am blown away at the quality of transcripts and especially, because it strikes me as much harder to capture, the call summaries."

FinTech & Technology

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