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Unique Secures Multiple PoCs With Leading Finance & Insurance Companies

Following its selection for the Kickstart program, Unique secured Proof-of-Concepts with the leading partners in the Insurance & Finance industry. Unique aims to prove that AI-based solutions can indeed revolutionize and transform client interactions and boost productivity for client advisors.


Zurich, Switzerland, October 18, 2022 – Kickstart is one of Europe's largest innovation platforms, connecting startups, corporations, cities, foundations, and universities to foster partnerships and large-scale technology innovation.


Since its launch in 2015, Kickstart has supported over 400 startups and assisted with over 200 pilots and commercial projects from more than 80 countries, exceeding CHF 2 billion in investments to date.


Each year, the Kickstart participants go through an intensive selection process. This includes an alignment workshop, “partner safari” and pairing with companies and ecosystem experts.


Unique was among the 43 lucky startups in the Finance & Insurance vertical. After presenting its solution – a sales intelligence platform, Unique managed to secure a place among 12 startups to have a chance to partner up with leading organizations and companies such as AXA, Coop, Swisscom, La Mobilière, PostFinance, Sanitas, The City of Zurich, Canton de Vaud, Credit Suisse, Galenica, CSS Insurance, and others.


After successfully securing four Proof-of-Concepts with La Mobilière, Galexis AG, a Galenica Group company, PostFinance, and Swisscom (localsearch and Swisscom B2B),  Unique proves that it can cover essential business needs and bridge important gaps for financial organizations. 


PostFinance and Unique AG will do a proof of value with Unique's sales intelligence to analyze, summarize, and document client meetings, and therefore reduce admin work for PostFinance's corporate- and retail client advisors while increasing the quality of the data.


Galexis AG, a Galenica Group company, in its turn, will do a proof of concept to automatically summarize customer service conversations into CRM and analyze topics to inform sales proactively and increase customer satisfaction.


La Mobilière and Unique automatically record consultations in order to test the quality of the transcript or summary with the aim of improving the efficiency of the preparation and follow-up of consultations.


The Business Case for Finance & Insurance Presented by Unique


Unique provides the automatic collection of client data through AI-based speech recognition. With the help of its solution, relationship managers and advisors can experience an increase in data quality and compliance with reduced administrative efforts.


Problems covered​


  • Incomplete recordings of client conversations/consultations and brief reports (sometimes only 3 words) prevent companies from carrying out a data-driven evaluation in order to pursue a comprehensive consulting approach. 


  • Incomplete notes lead to a lack of preparation for the next appointment. In addition, the sales opportunities are reduced because there is little personal knowledge about the client that can be used to build trust. 


  • Whenever the relationship manager or an advisor leaves the company, the client database and valuable insights are lost. 


  • There are few possibilities to train advisors based on real conversations and to give feedback (other than being present during the call) to introduce a comprehensive consulting approach.


Solutions presented


  • Recording client conversations and intelligent (AI) evaluation with Unique promote automatic and complete data collection.


  • Advisors can either record client conversations directly with an iOS device or via Microsoft Teams. Unique recognizes and highlights the client’s needs and uses this data to create a summary and sends it by email. Later, Unique configures the automatic recognition of client data and other insights that can be used for marketing purposes.


  • The conversations can be stored on the Unique platform and shared with colleagues and trainers. They can comment directly on the videos, highlight key moments and provide suggestions for improvement.


Unique: Bridging the Gap Between Advisors and Clients


Unique is a multifaceted solution that covers various problems and use cases in the Finance & Insurance industry. Not only does it help advisors and relationship managers stay compliant under FIDLEG (MIFID) rules, but it also promotes better client services and improved productivity metrics.  


To find out more about Unique capabilities, visit our Insurance Industry page or contact us directly.


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Written by

Hanna Karbowski