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Sturdza Financial Group Solves Key Challenges With Unique

“Unique is very well positioned to help us with a number of key challenges that we have, and the entire financial industry has.”- David Haynal. 


Indeed, in the financial industry, Unique has an especially strong use case. Aside from all the obviously useful features like coaching rooms that add to easier and faster onboarding, Unique has a number of real-time capabilities that help you stay consistent on the call:


  • Transcription: this feature helps you record your conversation with the client word by word. Not only will this help you recollect all the conversation details, but they will also be stored safely for future needs.



  • Side panel: with the help of this feature, you can easily structure all your meetings and always hit the right points during the conversation without losing your train of thought. Besides, the side panel also presents keyword alerts – another useful feature that will show you whether the client mentioned any crucial information like competitors, prices, important dates, etc., or whether you covered all the essential topics.


As for relationship managers, it’s always extremely crucial for them to keep all the client data safely in the CRM to be able to retract it at any given moment without additional complications. That’s where Unique really comes in handy as it solves compliance problems for financial advisors and RMs.


Check out Sturdza Financial Group’s testimonial to find out why they chose Unique!

Written by

Jared Beekhuyzen

Video Content Creator at Unique