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Yokoy is boosting sales onboarding to meet quota with Unique


We are very proud to name Yokoy as one of our customers! The fintech startup automates spend management with AI and just raised US $26 million Series A funding. Expanding also means onboarding new employees which requires time.

Lars Mangelsdorf, Co-Founder and CCO of Yokoy said of Unique:


"We need to onboard new team members and to ensure that we keep the onboarding quality high and that we hit the quota. Unique's AI insights help us do this by acting as a real-time coach for our teams. In addition, Uninque updates our CRM automatically which means that our sales team has no manual follow-up work to do and therefore has more time to focus on building long-lasting relationships with our customers."


Find out more about Yokoy's success story and how Unique helps them to reach their goals in the video.



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