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How Sales Playbook Leverage Q-Score To Measure Performance

Watch our recent customer testimonial from one of our clients who had been using the Unique platform and the Q-score feature to improve their sales pipeline management.



Sales Playbook had been struggling to identify which deals in their pipeline needed more attention. They had a large number of potential deals, but they found it difficult to know which ones were at risk of falling apart. When they started using the Q-score feature, which assigns a numerical score to each deal in the pipeline, indicating its likelihood of closing successfully, they were impresses with what it can do. 


The Q-score takes into account various factors, such as the stage of the deal, the level of engagement from the prospect, and the quality of the relationship between the business and the prospect. By using the Q-score feature, the client was able to quickly identify which deals were at risk of falling through. They could see which deals had a low score and needed more attention from their sales team. The Q-score helped the sales team prioritize their efforts and focus on the deals that were least likely to close successfully.


The client also found the Unique's platform's ability to provide detailed insights into each deal to be incredibly valuable. They could see the history of each interaction with the prospect, including emails, phone calls, and meetings. 


Sales Playbook were able to gain a better understanding of their sales pipeline and identify which deals needed the most attention. And eventually, they were able to close more deals successfully and increase their revenue.


At Unique, we understand how challenging it can be to manage a sales pipeline effectively. That's why we offer a range of solutions that help businesses improve their sales pipeline management, including our unique sales intelligence platform. By using our platform and the Q-score feature, you can gain a better understanding of your sales pipeline, identify which deals need more attention, and close more deals successfully.


If you're struggling to manage your sales pipeline, contact us today to learn how our sales solutions can help your business grow. Our team of experts is always here to help you succeed!

Written by

Jared Beekhuyzen

Video Content Creator at Unique