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Lionstep Improve Their Revenue Predictability With Unique

“Unique gives us very precise data, so we can understand better which deals will come or not.” - Jonas Wälti, VP of Sales EMEA at Lionstep.


Lionstep is a Recruiting as a Service company who use Unique to automate manual processes and streamline decision-making within their sales team.


What's more, Unique has everything you need to make reliable revenue predictions and close revenue gaps created by the mismatch of expectations vs reality. 


How do we do it, you’ll ask? Easy. 


Unique takes a video recording of your call and it squeezes every possible bit of data out of it in real-time. It structures this data in the form of accessible and understandable clusters of information that help you better understand your buyers and the state of current affairs. It also reminds you about the size of the deal, the time you were last in touch with your contact, and the essential steps you need to take in order to close the deal. 


Combining all this available data, you know exactly what your next steps with the client are, what expectations they have, and what gaps you need to bridge to be able to hit your quota!


Additionally, Unique can significantly improve interview process for recruiters and Hiring Managers:


  1. Interview notes (up to 95% of time saved, from 45 mins to 3 mins).


More focus on the candidates and the interview + data-driven decision making. 


  1. Feedback after the interview (approx. 50 % of time saved, from 15-45 min. to 10 min.)


Less time spent on debriefing for alignment between HR and the Hiring Manager.


  1. Candidate experience & employer branding


Avoiding question repetitions strengthens the perception of professionalism and creates an overall image of an aligned recruiting campaign.


  1. Interview training (onboarding & coaching)


The best training methods for interviews and assessments are available in the form of recordings from your senior colleagues. Recruiters and the Team Lead new to the role can quickly learn how to conduct excellent interviews. Highlight key moments in interviews, ask for feedback, and learn!


Written by

Hanna Karbowski