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Key Group Improve Sales Performance With Unique 

Key Group are UK’s leader in their unique area of industry. By leveraging decades of experience and insight they unlock property wealth for their customers to deliver innovative products, services and advice. This helps put a fulfilling retirement within reach to all. 

In our new customer story, we hear from Key Group (Advice) CEO, Will Hale and Customer Engagement Director (Advice), Alec Parkinson. 

The Advice division’s star service is unlocking wealth for elderly homeowners, so they can access more capital in their retirement phase. Key have an extremely high onsite-consultation conversion rate for this service. However it remains a challenge to secure this initial onsite meeting from a cold call stage, and some agents perform better than others.  

As Alec states,  “Unique helped solve the problem of performance imbalance within our [sales] agents.” 

The collaboration with Unique involved the implementation of Unique’s recording software. By recording their client meetings through the Unique App, and then working with Unique to do an in-depth analysis of those meetings, Key Group could better understand the elements that key performers were applying in cold call conversations. These elements included sentiments, key phrases and script structures. Key could then coach team members based on these insights.  

After a short period of time, there are spectacular results. There has been a 7% increase in first-meeting attendance after cold call stage and a 4% increase in conversion from cold call stage to closing a sale.  

As Will says, “Given the number of calls we are handling each day, those improvements can make a massive difference to our bottom line.” 

The success of the collaboration has convinced Key Group to extend the relationship with Unique by adding Unique FinanceGPT to their current platform. Key Group’ Advice division will use the GPT solution to access twenty-five years of internal documentation in a safe and compliant manner. By reducing time on document retrieval, sales agents will be able to spend more time on client calls, further supercharging their daily work.  

Both Key Group and Unique view this relationship as powerful and long term.  

Written by

Jared Beekhuyzen

Video Content Creator at Unique