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Friday Learnings, Episode 6, Social Selling with Patrick Seibt

Every experienced salesperson would tell you that social selling skills and developing your personal brand are just as important as any selling skills.


But if the latter you learn while working for a company, reading books, and attending seminars, social selling is often neglected or deliberately disregarded.


However, the practice shows that people who build a strong social presence and are considered to be thought leaders in their industry, often close bigger deals and might have shorter sales cycles


Why so? Because while building their personal brand, they also expand their circle, meet other thought leaders in their niche and have an opportunity to attract warm leads through their social activity. 


Have you personally tried to boost your LinkedIn and share your experiences with your connections already? If not, here's your sign to start!


Watch our new Friday Learnings episode and learn what Patrick Seibt does to supercharge his LinkedIn following and expand his reach.


Written by

Jared Beekhuyzen

Video Content Creator at Unique