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ChatGPT in Banking: Unique Survey Report

Explore the insights from Unique's Annual Banking Survey, where we took a close look at the day-to-day tasks in client-facing banking roles. Our goal was to understand these tasks better and find smart ways to use Unique's FinanceGPT technology to make their work easier.


Audience: client-facing banking roles.

Region: Switzerland.


Discover key findings:


  • 80% of people agree that ChatGPT can help with daily work tasks, like handling emails and improving efficiency.
  • But here's the thing: many banks lack proper training and guidelines for using AI. This creates a big opportunity for banks to invest in AI education and implementation, not just to work better but also to save money—almost half of the survey participants think it could cut costs by 2-5% each year.


Imagine how reducing administrative workload could lead to better relationships with clients and more revenue coming in. This shows how important AI is for the future of banking. 


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