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SalesPlaybook improves employee efficiency with Unique


Manuel, Founder and CEO of SalesPlaybook, and his sales team face three fundamental challenges:

Sales leaders cannot join every sales call to provide guidance

It's hard to ensure all conversational data reaches CRM

Qualifying feedback and scoring sales calls is challenging 

These challenges stand in their way to faster onboarding, effective coaching and increased win rates. 

Unique has all the functionalities to solve these challenges and provides better transparency for salespeople, sales leaders, and even customers. 

With its help, sales leaders can intervene on time whenever the issue arises, and salespeople can exchange feedback on the quality of calls, and learn from the best. Additionally, thanks to CRM automation, all the information mentioned during the call will be safely transferred and stored to their preferred platform. This means no more manual updates and no more excessive notes taken during the meeting.

Learn more about the challenges and how Unique helps SalesPlaybook to solve them in the video!


SalesPlaybook is not only a customer of Unique, but the two companies even entered a strategic partnership. Through this partnership, SalesPlaybook becomes Unique’s onboarding partner providing customers access to its offerings. Reversely, Unique will be SalesPlaybook’s conversational intelligence partner.

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