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Amplo Choose Unique Platform To Supercharge Their Sales

“Being a small team, we have limited resources. That’s why it’s super helpful to give our salespeople a platform where they can watch call videos without us being actively present.” – Tanja Koch, Co-Founder of Amplo.


Also, being a small team means you’re about to grow and hire new people. That’s another challenge Unique can definitely help you with! 


When onboarding new employees, it can be very valuable to show them recordings of discovery calls where more experienced colleagues deep dive into prospect’s pain points and figure out whether they can fill in the gaps and solve their issues. This helps new hires learn from others’ successful and not-so-successful experiences and develop new skills from the get-go.


Unique sales intelligence platform solves onboarding issues, helps with coaching of new hires, and allows you to tap into client data. Meanwhile, sales leaders can focus on developing their team’s potential instead of constantly worrying about providing new hires with enough resources for successful onboarding. 


Choose Unique and stay unique!

Written by

Hanna Karbowski