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IC Minutes Assistant

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UI - IC Minutes


Creates initial responses to Investment Committee inquiries based on Due Diligence materials and IC papers, maximizing information utilization and saving time for subsequent submissions. Examples of tasks include:

  1. Capturing key decision drivers and potential risk factors based on meeting transcripts.

  2. Compiling comprehensive summaries with nuanced insights.

  3. Updating minutes with latest inquiry details.

Case Study

Traditional Workflow:

After an investment committee meeting, notes are compiled to include a summary of discussions, key decisions, rationales for those decisions, and assigned action items. Details encompass market analysis, portfolio performance, and new investment evaluations. The minutes provide enough detail for clear understanding and follow-up but remain concise. They are then reviewed and distributed to all committee members for reference and implementation.

Workflow with Unique FinanceGPT:

Based on meeting transcripts, the Unique IC Minutes Assistant compiles comprehensive summaries with nuanced insights, incorporating real-time market data and advanced analytics. It captures intricate discussions, key decision drivers, and potential risk factors in detail. Additionally, the AI automates action item tracking and generates actionable insights for future strategy refinement. Overall, it streamlines the note-taking process, ensuring thorough documentation and facilitating informed decision-making.


For every IC meeting, the Unique IC Minutes Assistant can save 2 full days of post-meeting admin and summarisation time.


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