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Unique's AI-powered sales platform records and analyzes your customer conversations in real-time to generate useful insights that will help you win more deals and build reliable revenue forecasts.​​

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Before Unique

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Pages on pages of notes taken during an interview result in 3x more time spent on menial tasks that can be easily automated.

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Feedback rounds with the Hiring Manager based on incomplete and intransparent notes lead to confusion.

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Interviewers tend to ask the same questions during interview rounds, which reduces the efficiency of the hiring process and the quality of the candidate's experience.

With Unique​


Key Moments & Call Summary

Unique records and transcribes every interview and generates a call summary for your convenience. You can mark “key moments” in an interview like salary expectations and background information to easily review them later. Unique will guide you to essential interview bits, making it possible to prepare for the next round 3x faster!

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Call Agenda & Real-Time Analytics


Unique lets you create custom agendas that you can follow on a call. It will help you stay consistent and follow a structured process during every interview. What’s more, you will be able to track the candidate's speaking time to know when to involve them more.


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Coaching Room

Self-Coaching & Easy Feedback Rounds


The more recruiters and Hiring Managers record their interviews, the more material you have for self-coaching and onboarding. You can learn from the best practices or hone your skills by avoiding others’ mistakes. Additionally, Hiring Managers can easily review and give feedback on any candidate by simply accessing the app!


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Unique gives us very precise data, so we can understand better which deals will come or not.



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