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Unique's AI-powered sales platform records and analyzes your customer conversations in real-time to generate useful insights that will help you win more deals and build reliable revenue forecasts.

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Before Unique

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Salespeople often cannot document their calls and discussions with clients very thoroughly due to time constraints.

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The handling of side-effects currently takes a lot of time and could be optimized in terms of administration as well as analytics.

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It’s hard to follow a standardized process without a clear agenda and systematically generate useful insights.


With Unique​

Deal Cockpit

CRM Integration

No more manual CRM updates. No more taking notes during client meetings. Unique’s got you covered. All the information mentioned will be safely transferred to and stored in your CRM. You can easily retrieve this information at any given moment.

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Intelligent Meeting Agenda

Unique’s AI-powered side panel allows you to create custom meeting agendas with the client and follow them during the meeting. Additionally, whenever the key topic pops up, Unique recognizes it, giving you a hint on what to act on next.

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Real-Time Insights


Always be in the loop about crucial metrics and conversation key points, thanks to Unique’s sophisticated Real-Time Insights. With Unique, you will be able to automate and facilitate such intricate processes as registering side-effects and much more!

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Customer Testimonials

Lars Mangelsdorf

Co-Founder & CSO

"Unique's AI insights help us to keep the onboarding quality high and makes sure that we hit the quota."

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Mathlas Brenner


"Thanks to Unique, our CRM is updated automatically. Our team has now more time to focus on value-adding conversations with our customers."

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