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What Popular Movie Character Describes You As A Salesperson?

Have you ever noticed that all salespeople have their own unique selling style? It's fascinating how the approach to sales can vary so much, whereas the goal is always pretty much the same.


To celebrate this amazing diversity, we came up with this unique sales quiz to see what type of a salesperson you are!


The rules are simple: take a pen and a piece of paper, put four symbols on it:♥︎♦︎☀︎.Each time you pick an answer, put a tick under one of the symbols. The symbol with most picks will determine your result!


Let's go! 




What Popular Movie Character Describes You As A Salesperson?




1. What adjective describes you best?



♥︎ Kind

♦︎ Determined

☀︎ Curious


2. What was your dream job as a kid?

♦︎ Something cool and hardcore like a policeman or an FBI agent.

♥︎ A useful profession connected to helping others: a doctor, vet, lawyer.

A scientist, astronomer, scholar, or any kind of PhD.

☀︎ A billionaire.


3. What's your spirit animal?

☀︎ Panda


★ Dolphin


♦︎ Shark


♥︎ Butterfly


4. What is your attitude towards objections?

♥︎ I always try to get to the bottom of the problem to find a solution.

♦︎ I love the challenge and any objection is like a fascinating game to me.

★ Piece of cake. I’ve heard many objections in my life, and I know 10 ways to overcome each of them.

☀︎ I follow my intuition. Who knows, maybe the prospect and I can work it out.


5. Why did you choose the path of a salesperson?

☀︎ I’ve always been outgoing and extroverted, so I decided to wing it!

★ Human psychology fascinates me and sales is a perfect place to hone my skills.

♦︎ I love the rush, pushing my boundaries, and getting out of my comfort zone.

♥︎ I’m a people person. I don’t see myself working all alone without any human connection.


6. How competitive are you?


♦︎ Extremely competitive. If I don't win, nobody should.

♥︎ Moderately competitive. I love winning, but I accept my defeat when needed.

☀︎ Just a little competitive. I like being praised, but I’m genuinely happy for those who win instead of me.

★ Not at all. I think competition is pointless. If you’re good at it, nobody else matters.


7. Which song would you start your day with?

♥︎ Something energetic like pop, rap or hip-hop: Beyonce, Calvin Harris, Jay-Z, etc.

☀︎ Oldies but goodies (the 80s-90s hits): Britney, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, etc.

★ Classical and motivational: Hans Zimmer, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, etc.

♦︎ Deep house, trance, electro, etc.

8. What drives your motivation?

☀︎ I'm motivated by money. The more I work, the more I get.

★ I’m motivated by the image of the future me.

♦︎ I’m motivated by success.

♥︎ What motivates me is feeling useful in life.

9. What frustrates you the most?

♦︎ When I don’t get the praise I deserve.


★ When people don’t accept my authority.


♥︎ When I can’t solve the problem of my client.


☀︎ When I have to do overtime.



10. How often do you get yelled at by a prospect?



☀︎ It happens, but I've learned how to cope with it and soldier on.


♥︎ It never gets to this point, I'm an excellent facilitator.


♦︎ Yelled at? Pfff, I'll yell at them first.


★ It only happens to inexperienced reps. 




Calculate your results and find out which category got the most points. If you have the same number of points under two or three categories, don't worry – we've got you covered with the "mixed answer" option.


It's time to find out what popular movie character describes you as a salesperson!







♦︎ Terminator

You have one goal ahead of you and you don’t see any obstacles. No use case? You’ll find one. Objections? Great, more reasons to prove them wrong. Prospects don’t pick up the phone? Who cares, you know where they live. You’ll get any client to the end of the sales cycle whether they want it or not. And if it doesn’t happen on the first try, you’ll be back.


terminator GIF

(source: giphy.com)


♥︎ Clark Kent


Whatever Clark Ken't, you can. In normal life, you’re just an ordinary law-abiding citizen, kind-hearted, and sometimes even shy. But whenever you hear the dialing sound, it awakens your superpowers. You become confident, concentrated, you listen and hear at the same time, you can handle any objection, and most importantly, you genuinely care about the client and their needs. 


Confused Superman GIF
(source: giphy.com)



Been there, seen that – that’s your life's motto. You’ve read all the sales books on the planet, written two salesperson’s manifestos, defeated a dragon, and closed deals on the first call. Your colleagues admire you; your competitors fear you; but all of them want to learn from you. There’s no wiser salesperson than you (unless somebody else got the same result in this test. Then you have some competition).


lord of the rings GIF
(source: giphy.com)


☀︎ Harry Potter

You're the one who survived… onboarding. It wasn’t easy but here you are, in the world you never thought you would find yourself in. You always end up having the wildest sales adventures, and apparently, the craziest prospects. You’re good at sales, but most of your achievements come with an intensive trial-error phase or some extra luck. But what one might call sheer luck, we call being a natural!


i tried harry potter GIF

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If you got a mixed answer:





You’re a true shapeshifter. You’re self-assured, flexible, witty, and you adjust your selling style according to circumstances. You quickly read the room and come up with the smartest strategies. And most importantly, you end up being victorious! Your methods may seem a tad unorthodox at times, but players gotta play!


Mystique GIF - Find on GIFER

(source: gifer.com)



Written by

Hanna Karbowski