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Sales Playbook Part I: Mid Market & Enterprise

With digital transformation in the B2B environment, everything around us has changed, including complex business processes. Sales cycles became longer and more elaborate, clients – more demanding, and sales strategies have been adjusting accordingly. 

These shifts mean that sales teams now need more knowledge and more tools to stay competitive and succeed in hitting their targets. 
This created a new challenge for sales leaders. Not only do they need to create more elaborate methodologies and always be on the lookout for new trends, but they also need a knowledge base to pass on the experience to their teams. A sales playbook is one way to do it. 
The process of creating a sales playbook involves many stages and a lot of preparation. Therefore, to facilitate any sales leader's job, we decided to create a Sales Playbook that would include the most essential blueprints that can be used as an example upon which others can build their own sales playbooks and methodologies. 
In the Sales Playbook Part I, you will read about the following:


  • Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Sales Organization
  • ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Use Cases

  • Common Vocabulary

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Useful Resources


We hope that it will inspire you to create your own piece of educational material and pave the way for harmonizing sales processes in your organization. 
Grab your copy and make use of the wisdom gathered throughout the years.