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Unique's AI-powered sales platform records and analyzes your customer conversations in real-time to generate useful insights that will help you win more deals and build reliable revenue forecasts.​​

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Before Unique

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Only 1% of data reaches your CRM, making it extremely hard to create reliable revenue forecasts.

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Deal’s next steps and expectations aren’t outlined properly, and the closing date often doesn’t reflect reality.

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CEOs and VPs of Sales don’t know which deal is going to close due to the lack of deal transparency.

With Unique​

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Reliable Forecasts

Retrieve the remaining 99% of data into your CRM and make reliable revenue forecasts thanks to Unique’s perceptive intelligence. We’re here to close your revenue gap by filling in your blanks with relevant deal metrics.​

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More Efficient Team Collaboration


Thanks to Unique’s coaching rooms, your employees will be able to review meeting recordings and exchange feedback, adding to a smoother handover between sales and consultants. This will facilitate collaboration between team members and stakeholders and improve overall customer experience.


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Real-Time Insights


Always be in the loop about the number of stakeholders involved in a deal and when to move the closing date, thanks to Unique’s sophisticated Real-Time Insights! With Unique, the next steps are always clear and set at the end of a meeting.


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Customer Testimonials

Professional Services

Unique helps us to ask the right questions at the right time and deep dive into certain topics.


Ralph Hartmeier
Co-Founder & CSO


I am so excited about Unique because the platform allows us to work much closer with the buyer.


Manuel Hartmann

Founder & CEO



I found the solution super easy to use and the insights delivered are very powerful. This helps increase our efficiency and deliverables in conversations as well as outstanding customer service. Can only recommend.



Lara Engelien
Head of Customer Success


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